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Using OpenId Connect with PI Vision

Question asked by david@realiv on May 3, 2018
Latest reply on May 7, 2018 by david@realiv

We would like to use openid connect with PI vision through IdP,  we developed the IdP based on Identityserver4. After configuration claims authentication  for PI Vision,

The PI vision website can redirect to identityserver(SSO) Login Form when we tried to open the  PI vision website, then we input username and password in SSO, the

SSO can authenticate the user, but it seems that the  appsetting (<add key="ida:redirect_uri" value="https://localhost/pivison" />, the setting is redirect uri after login ) is wrong, 

so the page can't be found afte login successfully.  I want to know if redirect_ur  is correct, and what is correct setting for :redirect_uri?

Thank you in advance.