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Pull digital states from ML into Datalink

Question asked by kimmyberly26 on May 4, 2018
Latest reply on May 8, 2018 by gchermont

I'm trying to pull the digital state below into a PI Datalink report that I created.  This data was collected in PI Manual Logger.



The datalink report pulls up the day of each month and I need it to pull in either the "state" or the "state name".  I've tried using PIArcVal and PITimeExpDat with no luck. Below is each of the formulas that I'm using.

=PITimeExpDat("stateno('PIML: RBC #1 Biological Growth')",$A$13:$A$43,"")

=PIArcVal("PIML: RBC #1 Biological Growth",$X14,$Y14,0,"","interpolated") - Error is that the input string is not in the correct format.


Here is a screen shot of my datalink report.  Columns A and X are both date columns.



Thanks in advance!