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    Pull digital states from ML into Datalink


      I'm trying to pull the digital state below into a PI Datalink report that I created.  This data was collected in PI Manual Logger.



      The datalink report pulls up the day of each month and I need it to pull in either the "state" or the "state name".  I've tried using PIArcVal and PITimeExpDat with no luck. Below is each of the formulas that I'm using.

      =PITimeExpDat("stateno('PIML: RBC #1 Biological Growth')",$A$13:$A$43,"")

      =PIArcVal("PIML: RBC #1 Biological Growth",$X14,$Y14,0,"","interpolated") - Error is that the input string is not in the correct format.


      Here is a screen shot of my datalink report.  Columns A and X are both date columns.



      Thanks in advance!