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Collections of Trends

Question asked by mlath2 on May 4, 2018
Latest reply on May 29, 2018 by mlath2

I have a couple of Legacy Trend systems that I want to replace with Pi Vision Trends. Both of these systems are fed from "Text" lists of Tag names and max, min trend values

i.e. Group name

          Trend Name 1


               Tag 2

               Tag 3

          Trend Name 2


               Tag 2

               Tag 3


I can convert by hand but that will take forever as there are around 2000 Trend Groups to Build with up to 16 Trends, and 5 Tags in each.


1/ Would prefer to use AF & Collections, but then I cant see the tag name (structure would have to be tag1 tag2 etc and thats also the label on the trend)

and AF cant be used for trend limits.

2/ Is there a tool that I can use to generate these trends from the text files ?

3/ Any other Ideas ?