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Query on archive merging

Question asked by 529931 on May 7, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 19, 2019 by Nandhini8588

Hello All,

We have recently restored a new PI server taking backup of an existing PI server. We have copied the historical archives to the new server and registered them here. However we had few issues on the destination PI server post backup restoration leading to data gaps and other data issues, making it non-sync with the source server, for last few days. So, I would like to merge the data from the source archives to the destination server for this period.


Till the date of restoration, the point id's of tags on both source and destination are the same. However the tags created after restoration have different point id's on the source server and destination server. Had the point id's been same for all points on both source and destination, I believe reprocessing of the source archives and registering them on the destination would be sufficient. However, as we have different point id's for some tags, I have followed KB00744 and have prepared the binary conversion file containing the tag names from destination server, point id and rec no from source server.


I have reprocessed few of the source archives against the binary conversion file, and tried registering them on destination server, and I could see that all the tags have data in sync with the source server.

However I would like to know if reprocessing of my source archives against the binary conversion file would be sufficient in my case or is this incorrect?