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    My company is moving to Maximo 7.6 (Cloud based)


      I was wanting to commence transferring runtime data to Maximo Asset meter readings to generate PM's. Is RLink for Maximo able to be used or is it not compatible with this version of Maximo. If not is there a planned new version of RLink coming that will be able to handle this.



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          Hello Andrew,


          The last RLink interface was released in 2008 and I don't believe OSIsoft will work on a new release.


          According to the techsupport Website the current recommendation for communicating with Maximo is to use the Data Access technologies.


          There are some old discussions about this topic in PI Square and most of them lead to a PI Notifications Web Service or PI Data Access solution.


          I found this request in our feedback page. Please vote if you find it usefull.



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            Steve Boyko

            I am currently implementing something similar using AF SDK and writing to a Maximo web service. As Gustavo de Grava Chermont said there was some discussion on PI Square about using PI Notifications to post to a web service but that avenue wouldn't work for my application.


            You could use AF SDK or PI Web API or something similar to get the data out of PI and then post to a Maximo web service.