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AF attribute value SQL access when at same level

Question asked by JF.URBIETA on May 11, 2018
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Dear All,


Hope you're fine!


So here is a stupid question (but questions never are stupids, only some answers may be... :-))


In a PI-AF Hierarchy, I've to reach a value for sub attributes in a SQL query. When I need to recover values from parents and grand parents it's ok using the famous ..\..\ syntax!


But here the question is :  how to access a sub-attribute located at same level?


Let me describe it:

I've an attribute called A with a sub attribute called S_A, and I've another attribute called B (at same level than A) with a sub attribute called S_B.

S_B value is a TableLookup with a SQL Clause where I need to use the S_A value as a trigger.


So I've tried  things like:

SELECT Column FROM Table WHERE MyColumn=@[.\A|S_A]

SELECT Column FROM Table WHERE MyColumn=@[..\A|S_A]

SELECT Column FROM Table WHERE MyColumn=@[..\|A|S_A]


SELECT Column FROM Table WHERE MyColumn=@[..|A|S_A]


Of course none of this one is OK, so any help to achieve this please? (Latest version of PI-AF 2017)


Just to add something, if I go to an other branch hierarchy, I can access the values using the MyColumn=@[.\|D]

Knowing D is an attribute with the same level than the parent of A and B...


And optionnally, because I was thinking that SQL commands were misinterpreting dots, may I use a dot as an attribute separator (meaning S.A instead of S_A)


Thanks a lot in advance!