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How to display values instead of only the "Pt Created" text

Question asked by NicPickering on May 14, 2018

Hi guys,


My knowledge of all PI systems is fairly basic. I'm using PI System Explorer and PI ProcessBook.


I am trying to create some new PI tags in order to visualize the data it generates in PI ProcessBook. I already have an existing PI tag that calculates the average wind speed in the local area. This PI tag works fine and I can create trends using ProcessBook to visualize the data. However, using PI System Explorer, I have created a very basic analysis to try and create a new tag. The analysis is very similar to: TagVal('Wind Speed', '*') + 10
I have set the output attribute to "Altered Wind Speed" and when clicking the 'evaluate' button in the analyses tab it produces a value that seems to be correct in the 'value at evaluation' column.

Although, when in the attributes tab, the new Altered Wind Speed attribute only has the text 'Pt Created' in the Value column. Furthermore, when trying to visualize the new tag in ProcessBook using a trend, nothing is displayed.


Is there a way to get the analysis to work properly so that I can display the data in ProcessBook?


Thanks in advance