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Performance Equation Big number issue

Question asked by Alfons on May 10, 2018
Latest reply on May 18, 2018 by Alfons

Good morning all and thanks a lot 


I've an issue with big number comparison in the formula of the PE, for example:

this works :  ('M_MachineAlarmReasons1_32_R' and 134217728)=134217728  when the tag 'M_MachineAlarmReasons1_32_R' has the value 134217728 the PE result is True

this, with big number, Doesn't works :  ('M_MachineAlarmReasons1_32_R' and  2147483648)= 2147483648  when the tag 'M_MachineAlarmReasons1_32_R' has the value  2147483648 the PE result is False

instead if I use : (IF 'EIG.PRO5.A1185.A1185.M_MachineAlarmReasons1_32_R' = 2147483648 then 1 else 0) works fine, but this solution doesn't work having more alarms at the same time


I kindly ask your support , thanks in advance.