Rich Data Access and custom Data References

Discussion created by rdavin Employee on Mar 7, 2012
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I've found time to configure a virtual machine for testing of CTP for AF 2.5 with RDA.  I have 11 custom data references that may require some conversion to exploit the new RDA feature set.  Here's what I've discovered so far:


NO CHANGES - That is to say I simply registered my old data references written against .NET 3.5.


What I saw in the new Time Series Data dialog was Archive, Sampled, and Plot values but no Summary values.  For Archive, the Boundary Type was limited to Interpolated.  So a lot of functionality was available with no real code change.  But ... I sure would like to see summaries.


ADD SupportedDataMethods Property - which requires reference to .NET 4.0


The one DR I tested is an kind of an echo but not just for PI Points.  It echoes any other type of attribute which can be PI Point, Formula, Table Lookup, or other.  For this DR, all I really wanted to do was inherit the SupportedDataMethods from the underlying SourceAttribute.  Here is the complete code changes:

    Public Overrides ReadOnly Property SupportedDataMethods() As OSIsoft.AF.Data.AFDataMethods
            If SourceAttribute Is Nothing Then
                Return MyBase.SupportedDataMethods ' probably .None
                ' Inherit from Source Attribute
                 ' Might be PI Point, Formula, or other
                Return SourceAttribute.SupportedDataMethods
            End If
        End Get
    End Property

Success!  I was now able to see all the summaries when the SourceAttribute supported it.  Plus the Archive Boundary Types of Inside and Outside were now allowed as choices.  All with a very tiny amount of code.   I tested this against a simple echo of a PI Point, and a more complex example of a Formula containing 2 other attributes, which also refer back to PI Points.


Very cool stuff.