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Analyses in AF - How to create analyses who dont to show when the event is longer than few minutes (expl. 1minute)

Question asked by jag_69 on May 15, 2018
Latest reply on May 18, 2018 by sraposo

I have a problem.

How I can to create analyses where PI to save data when the event lasts longer than 1 min?

Business dont needs to show downtime shorter than 1 min.

My solve below - is it good idea? I dont know.

I think it works not properly.

I have two tags:

1. WPC Slimak Dozujący L2 name in DCS M204

2. WPC_L2 name in DCS WPC_L2_Praca



Variable 1: StopTime

In the basis of tag value I check is this stop longer than 1 min.

TimeLE('WPC Slimak Dozujący L2','*','*-60s', 'WPC Slimak Dozujący L2')


Variable 2: Condition

If StopTime > 60 then 0 else 1


Variable 3: FinalyStatus

Here I assigned result to tag.

If Condition <> 'WPC_L2' then Condition else NoOutput()