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    How to install the Delta DCS V OPC Server into a new VM Server?


      Hi guys,


      I am planning to upgrade the PI System in our facility as the current one needs to be updated.

      Before I do that, I would like to move the PI OPC Interface from a Desktop PC (Offshore) to a new VM Server (Offshore).


      Current Setup:

      • the PI OPC Interface is physically installed in the PI Buffer PC (Offshore)
      • the Delta V OPC Server is also installed in the same machine =, the PI Buffer PC (Offshore)
      • the PI Server 2012 3.4.390.16 (version 2012) is installed in a VM Server (Onshore)
      • PI ProcessBook Version 2009 at the Server end
      • VM Server - Windows Server 2008


      Desired Setup:

      • I would like to install a new PI System (PI Server, PI AF Server, AF Analytics, PI Notifications, PI ProcessBook, PI Active View, PI Webparts and PI Vision etc) into a new VM Server with Windows Server 2016 and migrate all the PI Data Archives and Settings to this new Server
      • I would also like to move the PI OPC Interface from a Desktop PC to a new VM Server
      • I would like to eventually move into a Web Base Application Setup like PI Vision so that can user can access the PI System from any device.


      My questions:

      1. What are the prerequisite Softwares that I have to Install into the new VM Server (Onshore) before I do the actual PI System Installation? for example like Microsoft SQL Server, VB...etc
      2. Who should be doing the Delta V OPC Server installation into the new VM Server (Offshore)? Is it the Delta V DCS Vendor? or can we do it ourselves?
      3. What is the correct sequence to do all the above installations and Data Migration?


      Best regards,


      Muthulingam Ramiah


      Ganesh Supromaniam

        • Re: How to install the Delta DCS V OPC Server into a new VM Server?

          Hi Muthulingam,


          1. You can view the System requirements for the Data Archive on the Product Page for the Data Archive. In short you'll need AF Server 2.4+, but if it's a new installation I'd recommend going with the most recent version of AF Server 2.9.5, for which you can find the system requirements on the Product Page for Asset Framework as well. The most recent AF Server requires SQL Server 2008+ (but again I would recommend going with a more recent version). It's worth noting that the .NET 4.6 installation is packaged with the Data Archive and that you'll also need to edit some firewalls rules in order to get things connecting for which you can reference KB01162.


          2. I can't really speak either way on this as it's out of OSI's wheelhouse. Anecdotally I generally see the OPC vendor doing this step, but this is something you'll likely need to discuss internally with your controls engineers.


          3. A procedure for moving your Data Archive can be found in our Live Library documentation. The process will vary some depending on whether you're moving a standalone server or a collective, changing names of the server, etc. each of which this guide covers. If you have questions on a specific step, please reply back and we'll work on clarifying it.




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