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    AF MDB Syn failure


      Good Evening all

      Trying to sync AF MDB but all tries failed due to hanging identities to certain MDB models. PI Users were deleted from PI Users group without first deleting those user access to some of the individual Models in MDB which resulted in some number for these users in the Model such as user 68 etc. I know the way to synchronize AF to MDB is to first delete these users or models from MDB and run sync. But the MDB is locked and without synchronize it would not allow me to fix the MDB.


      How to fix MDB with AF sync? Any ideas please. Thanks and appreciate.




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          Hi Syed,


          I would suggest either creating a temporary mapping for that users account, syncing the database, then deleting the user accounts from the MDB database, and deleting the temporary mapping.


          Alternatively, you may be able to use MDB Builder located in either %pihome64%\MDBBuilder or %pihome%\MDBbuiler to edit the security for the modules. There should be an xla file called: MDBBuilder.xla. If in the the 32 path, then a 32 excel program needs to be used. If in the 64, then 64 bit.


          This YouTube Video starting at minute 5 should help guide you on how to use the excel add-in.

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