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Adjusting inaccurate values with a performance equation?

Question asked by mcwthethird on May 18, 2018
Latest reply on May 23, 2018 by Dan Fishman

Hello everyone - I'm a new user / but excited to get help learning more about this powerful too - so thanks in advance.


We have an in-line flow meter that is collected each minute and then totalized per hour at the PLC level. Each hour it resets and collection begins again for the next hour. This tag is collected by Pi and exported for reporting.  Occasionally there is an erroneous value that is generated (that cannot physically occur within the piping itself) that causes a flawed reading.  When reviewing the trend of totalization you can see the minute when the error occurred (so the value can be mathematically corrected on paper) but this is after the fact.  I was curious if there is anyway to use a performance equation/data point builder settings/ect that would assist in eliminating these errors.  We would know what the maximum increase per minute would be, if the totalizer ignored the error and then resumed with the next point it would be an improvement. Is it possible to have Pi correct these flaws as they occur? I can give additional details if needed


Thanks in advance.