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    EXCEL VBA PIPutVal - wrong connection to the server. It tries to connect to localhost





      I'm using PIPutval in Excel VBA.

      I started with the Excel file piexam32.xls in C:\Program Files (x86)\PIPC\Excel.

      I use the command : macroResult = Application.Run("PIPutValx", sTagname, valueCell, stime, sServer, resultCell)

      But the result = "Cannot connect to server " and it gives my pc name and not the server name as it's put in sServer variable.

      In Visual Basic, I did Break and Step Over to follow the values in variables and all is correct.


      In PI-SMT, Log Message, I can see a successful login with Excel.exe and my laptop.

      Does someone have already this issue ?


      Thank you very much.





      PI Server 2017R2

      Excel 2016