PI Vision cannot search tag from PI Data Archive after giving PI Mapping to all

Discussion created by Paul_Booth on May 16, 2018
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I tried that: it doesn't work. I've set it to use Everyone: more than that, I have identical local accounts, and everything connects correctly to both AF & PI. The crawler using that account can see the tags, but PI Vision can't. Pi Vision, using exactly the same account, can see AF elements from the AF Server on the same machine as the PI database, so it's not the user connection that is at fault. Using either my user account (that calls up PI Vision) or the PI Vision pool account (it's not a domain so can't delegate) the other PI clients have no problem in seeing tags. It looks like a fault somewhere in (presumably) the webapi stuff?? The error message is clear: the user doesn't have permissions: however, the user should! The complexity of the solution is such that it seems impossible to debug this. Given that the windows securities actually work (as shown by the crawler and other PI clients) PI Vision should work too, domain or not.