OSIsoft, blockchain and Streamr research partnership

Discussion created by MvanderVeeken Employee on May 23, 2018

Hello all,


My name is Michael van der Veeken, I'm part of OSIsoft Research. As you may have noticed, OSIsoft is researching blockchain technologies to see how it might solve some of the challenges across the different industries, how it might open up new opportunities or business models, and how it might be applicable in OSIsoft's overall Communitiy Vision.


There are a number of great resources online to learn more about blockchain, but I wanted to give you a quick update to where our research is currently at.


PI World 2018

PI World 2018 was the first time we publicly talked about our blockchain research. We had a shared booth together with our Academic team, and we had some very interesting conversations about blockchain. We presented two sessions.


The first session was the presentation of a case study around Asset Lifecycle Management together with a blockchain startup called Blocxs titled Blockchain and the PI System: A case study on Asset Lifecycle Management. This session focused on the sharing of data in a consortium, using a private HyperLedger blockchain. The second session was a more technical deep dive around Ethereum and the PI System, titled Exploring Blockchain Applications with OSIsoft Research. If you are interested in blockchain, check out these sessions!


Consensus 2018

As you might have read in the media, OSIsoft announced a technology research partnership with Streamr. Streamr is a blockchain startup that focuses around creating a decentralized real-time data network to share and monetize data. They have launched their Streamr Data Marketplace at Consensus, and OSIsoft's CTO Richard Beeson was part of the panel discussion during that session. You can see the session here. We had a presence at the Streamr pavilion, where we had a number of good and insightful discussions with visitors.


We also had robots (see them in action). These robot arms used data coming from OCS, through the Streamr network to visualize the power generation from different sources (coal, gas, renewables, nuclear) on the UK power grid. This integration was created by Rhys Kirk and Chris Cody from TGG Solutions.


We had some great media coverage on our research partnership with Streamr. We hope this will start some good discussions around decentralized data sharing.


What’s next?

We have started to talk to a number of customers and partners about potential use cases that could have a blockchain solution. We really see this research as something that we need to do together as a community: OSIsoft, customers and partners together. We would love to hear from you. What are your thoughts on the blockchain space? Have you seen any potential use cases in your industry? Perhaps research or prototyping has already started within your organization. We would love to hear from you!

We are looking forward to sharing what we learn as we go. Be on the lookout for more updates on our research here on PI Squar