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How to configure "Data" folder of PI Connector for UFL

Question asked by Guilherme Ferreira Champion on May 23, 2018
Latest reply on May 30, 2018 by Guilherme Ferreira

Hi all!


First time I am using PI Connector for UFL and I am finding it a bit confusing to configure comparing to the interface.


The connector was installed on

C:\Program Files\PIPC\Connectors\UFL


For avoiding consuming too much space on C drive, I whish to configure buffer and data files on D drive.

So, the UFL.ConnectorHost.exe.Config looks like this:

    <add key="LocalDirectoryPath" value="D:\ProgramData\OSIsoft\UFL.ConnectorHost" />

    <add key="LocalBufferPath" value="D:\ProgramData\OSIsoft\UFL.ConnectorHost" />


The Output folder was configure via power shell script as we can see in the ConnectorGlobal.config.json file:

    "ConfigObject": {

      "PurgeTime": 0,

      "OutputPath": "D:\\ProgramData\\OSIsoft\\UFL.ConnectorHost\\UFL\\Output",

      "RestBasicAuthentication": 1,

      "RestClientVerifyCertificates": 1



My data source is a mapped drive on another server.


However, it looks like there is another folder, called Data, which I don´t know how to configure.

Apparently, the connector copy source files to this folder prior from reading them. Is this correct?

C:\ProgramData\OSIsoft\PI Connectors\UFL.ConnectorHost\Data


Besides the fact I don´t want it set on C drive, I am getting the following error:


Severity: Error

Timestamp: 05/23/2018 17:58:38.947

Message: [xxxxxx] Cannot delete file C:\ProgramData\OSIsoft\PI Connectors\UFL.ConnectorHost\Data\xxxxxxx\piData_1527025500190a.csv, the user running the connector does [sic] have the required permission


Although I have given the account full control to the folder.


So, how can I set the "Data" folder location?

And what kind of permissions do I need to configure for this folder,