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    Adding secondary server to collective


      I am trying to add a secondary server to collective using the PI Collective Manager tool.

      Both of the PI archive servers are located on remote machines and share a common domain.

      Adding the primary server to the collective succeeds, but when I try to add a secondary server, the PI Collective Manager prompts a window saying:

      "The addition of a secondary server to a collective requires that a temporary backup of the primary be taken and copied to your secondary servers. Specify the directory on the primary server where the backup should write its file to.

      Backup location:

      c:\Programe Files\PI\Backup_2010522"


      and when I press "Next", I am prompted with credentials saying:

      "Connect to PrimaryServerName to create directory c:\Programe Files\PI\Backup_2010522 as..."

      but when I enter the user name and password, it doesn't give the permission, as if they are wrong.

      When I remote connect to that machine with the same credentials, I do get access.


      Whay do I encounter that problem?

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          Hi Noga,


          If I understand you correctly, you're able to make a collective from the primary member of the collective, but not from the machine you are planning on being the secondary member. What the exact error message you get in PI Collective manager after you type in the credentials? Do you see anything appear in the PI SDK Utility's message logs on the secondary member when this fails? How about the System Event Viewer Logs? Do you see any connection messages on the primary member from this secondary member machine in the PI SDK's logs?




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            Eugene Lee

            Hi Noga,


            My suggestion is to try modifying the folder


            c:\Programe Files\PI\Backup_2010522"


            to let 'Everyone' have read/write access to it.


            Being able to remote into the machine doesn't mean the user can write to that folder.