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    Memory leak using EventPipes through COM - unclosed threads




      I have an issue with a long-running process which is getting data change events through EventPipes from PI.  After reading up on STA-related memory issues, I moved my PI access code to a single thread.  Every 10 seconds, it checks the state of its event pipes and creates events from what it finds, like so (this uses the Python win32 COM access):


          def check_event_pipe(self, source):
              for event_sink, event_pipe in self.event_pipes[source]:
                  eventlist = []
                      if event_pipe.Count:
                          events = event_pipe.TakeAll()
                          for event in events:
                              eventlist.append(self._get_event(source, event.EventData.PIValue, event.EventData.PIPoint))
                              del event
                  except Exception as e:
                      if e[2] and "no longer connected" in e[2][2]:
                          logging.info("Error getting events for eventsink %r - connection to server %s lost.  Reconnecting...",event_sink,source)
                          if not self._reconnect_source(source, True):
                              logging.error("Failed to reconnect %s",source)
                          logging.error("Error getting events for eventsink %r from source %s - %s",event_sink,source,str(e))
                  if eventlist:
                      self.event_threadpool.apply_async(event_sink.receive_events, (eventlist,))

       As can be seen, all I run is TakeAll on the pipe, and then delete each event object as it is processed.  The _get_event function just pulls value, descriptor, zero, span, EngUnits and checks if it IsGood().  As stated earlier, this is all in the same thread which created the EventPipe.


      I was experiencing a memory leak, and noticed that the number of threads assigned to my process was increasing, when I was not creating any new threads.  The stack trace from these threads is:


       As can be seen, it is stuck in pisdk.dll function EventRetrievalThreadRoutine.


      Is there something I am doing wrong?  How do I clean these threads up?