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    Alternate row colouring


      Dear vCampus,




      I am using PI Web Parts 2010 and I am showing a lot of data using the PI Table web part. For better reading of the rows, I would like the rows to have an alternating background colour.


      Normally I would use a class on the tr element and css.


      However, if I inspect the page source, the only attribute of the tr tag is its id and that id is different for each row.


      Is there a way to make this happen?




      Kind regards,




      Jan van der Ven



        • Re: Alternate row colouring

          If there's data in the row that indicates the proper background color for the row, then you can use Conditional Formatting in a Table Configuration to change the row background color. However, if you then sorted the table by clicking one of the column headers, the background colors wouldn't alternate anymore. Conditional table formatting is the only mechanism built into PI WebParts for changing the background color of rows in tables.