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Question concerning switching between elements in PiVision

Question asked by jasonhicks on May 25, 2018
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Hello All,

I am building a PiVision page for my Combustion Turbines. I would like to switch between the two units(CT1 and CT2) and see the attribute values for each. I have been successful as long as the attribute belongs directly to the CT element. However, my AF is structured so that I have several different child elements under the CT element - Lube Oil, Generator, Vibrations, etc. All elements are created from templates. But when I place attributes from CT1 Lube Oil on the page for example, then switch my view to CT2, the Lube Oil attributes do not change. The asset selection has the + symbol next to the name: CT1+ or CT2+. I thought this meant it would carry down to the child elements? Thanks.