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    Host Performance monitoring



      Does OSIsoft have the ability hook into VCenter performance metrics? We use PerfMon to monitor information from the OS but I am wondering if we can monitor things like CPU scheduling through the host.


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          Hello Eric,

          Thank you for your post!

          Generally speaking, unfortunately, there is no direct way to collect this information with some specific interface from OSIsoft.

          But, it actually depends if you can find the find to extract this information some how. For example, if there is the way to have this information in the text CSV format, then you can later use UFL Inetraface or Connector to store this information in the tags.

          Hope that helps.

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            Steve Boyko

            Hi Eric, good question! In my home office setup, I enabled SNMP on VMware ESXi 5.1.0 and use the PI-SNMP interface to read performance data from the vCenter host.


            I have 8 tags defined to monitor drive space, CPU usage, uptime and network traffic. See below.


            The hardest part is finding the right OID for the statistic you want to record. There are SNMP walk tools that can help you find the right ID.


            The PI-SNMP interface doesn't get as much love as Perfmon but it's handy for things like this, network switches and even my laser printer!

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