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Error reading system digital state

Question asked by Tomas Stark Champion on May 28, 2018
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we have two PI points for which the values are manually entered. Both points currently have only tree values each entered at about the same time period (see screenshots below).


The first one of them will have Digital State "No Data" when referenced to an attribute in PI AF, whereas for the second one the last entered value will be shown.


In Point Builder, the snapshot value will be "Error reading system digital state" for the first point.


Screen shots from Point Builder and Archive Editor for the first point:


180528 Skärmklipp 1.JPG   180528 Skärmklipp 1a.JPG

Screen shots for the second point:


180528 Skärmklipp 2.JPG  180528 Skärmklipp 2a.JPG

What could be the trouble?