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    Issue with RDBMS PI tags

    Mallesh Giduthuri



      X is pointsource, which have 950 tags. We have disabled 847 tags from X. it is RDBMS interface. When we disabled 847 tags out of 950 tags, all tags are stopped updating. Instrument tag data stored in sql files. How can it got impacted other tags? Can anyone help me?




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          I would check the logfile to see if there are any fault messages, if the tags are beeing rejected for some reason. If you open PI ICU you can find where the logfile is stored, if you don't know the location. You can also view the log in realtime and try to restart the interface instance. Look for any error messages. Are you sure the interface instance is running, and not shutting down for some reason?

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            I am a bit uncertain what could be causing your issue. Normally, if a tag is put to "scan off", that tag should be removed from the interface during restart. It will then write a message to the SQL log. Does your logfile say nothing? Or are you not able to find the logfile?


            Do you use the same SQL query for all the tags? If so, Is the SQL query file specified as intstrument tag for all the tags?