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    PI ICU - OPC Server only aceppted 0 out to 0 points


      Hi Everyone,


      I init a windows service interface in PI ICU. I see in the Pi message log that everything seems fine but I'm curious what this message means:

      OPC Interface mensaje.jpg


      Thanks for your support!

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          Hey Albert,


          This message is information regarding the /rp switch.  Information about all switches for the OPC Interface can be found here.


          From the documentation:

          /RP= #


          Default: 80
          Specifies the minimum percentage of points required to be accepted by the OPC server as valid. If less than the specified percentage is accepted, the OPC interface sets its device status to Connected/No Data, which triggers UniInt failover if configured.

          This is not cause for alarm as you indicated because you have 0 points configured overall.

          Let me know if you have any other questions!