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Automate copying AF database from one server to another

Question asked by Vivek.Batra on May 31, 2018
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I have a requirement to keep AF databases in sync (AF database structure) between different regional office to main HQ office (regional office database point to regional office PI Server and HQ office AF database should point to its own PI Server not to any regional office PI Server). There is already a PI to PI interface between regional offices PI Servers to HQ office PI Server. So all the PI Tags are already in sync between regional offices and HQ pointing to respective PI Servers.


The regional offices are constantly updating/changing the AF databases and we need update the HQ databases as well. Currently we are exporting out the XML and manually changing the PI Server name in the XML and then import the manually updated XML in HQ PI System explorer.


Could I please ask for your suggestions how to do this in a better way or any OSISoft technology that could automate this task (could be daily) so that there is no need to manually update the XML before importing?


Kindly see the problem we have and the solution we are looking for.