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Multiple AF attributes referencing the same tag - Output of one element is input to another

Question asked by EcoPS-MJP on Jun 1, 2018
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I am quite new to PI and I am currently building a fresh AF structure for an industrial site, so apologies if this is a dumb question.


I have multiple heat exchangers in series such that the output temperature of one is the input temperature to the next one.



HEX1 output temp = HEX2 input temp

HEX2 output temp = HEX3 input temp


I am thinking it would be nice to have all the attributes for each heat exchanger i.e. both inputs and outputs in one element, but this would mean have 2 attributes which reference the same tag, probably a bit of a "no no".


I did start going down the route of having the whole bank of heat exchangers as a single element but this would involve having a large number of attributes in a single element which might just be a bit harder to manage. I have started going down the route of trying to use derived templates, but this is also proving a bit tricky as they are all quite different.


Has anyone had experience / advice on structuring elements in series like this?


Many thanks in advance