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    PI Tag written from AF Search


      Is it possible to find which AF Database a PI Tag is being written from?  For example, I have some PI Tags producing an error in the PI Data Archive Message Log and i can clearly see they are AF Analyses but I have many AF Databases.  Without going through each database and looking for a correlation, is there a function I can use to find this easily?

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          Hi Karl,


          There is no easy out of the box way to determine which analysis is writing to a PI Point using the PI Point name as a filter. Using the PI Builder excel add-in could be used to search a specific database, but since you have many databases this approach wouldn't be suitable for you.


          We have an internal tool we can share with you via a Tech Support case that could be used to retrieve the analyses. The tool uses the AFSDK and you can target the entire AF Server. Depending on the amount of analyses you have, the tool can take some time to execute. Please reach out to support if you want this tool: https://techsupport.osisoft.com/Contact-Us/


          Out of curiosity which errors are you seeing in the PI Data Archive? Most errors with analyses are logged in the analysis logs (using N Log since 2016 R2, Windows Logs prior to 2016 R2) and would not show up in the PI Data Archive SDK logs. I have a feeling that the issue maybe with something else than the analyses themselves. For example, it may be with the PI Buffer Subsystem. It may not be needed for you to track down which analyses are writing to those points.




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              Hi Sebastien,


              Thanks for offering the use of this tool, I may just take tech support up on your offer. 


              The error I see is -11414 Buffered Point does not accept new events.  The strange thing is these points are updating with new data yet they are receiving this error.  I suspect there is more than one source writing to these tags which I'm trying to identify.




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              Asle Frantzen

              I would recommend you add some sort of origin info to your analysis output tags in the future, making it easier to determine where it's receiving data from.


              In the PI Point Data Reference settings box, once you check the 'Tag creation' box you can add the tag attributes for the output point to be created. Add some sort of substitution string to the Descriptor field. %Database% will be substituted with the AF database the tag is created from, and you also have a wide selection of parameters to choose from.

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