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    Event Frame visualization in PI Table webpart


      It seems this is very much possible to do using PI OLEDB Enterprise, but I am really struggling to find some documentation as to how to configure this. Objective is very simple, wish to view event frames generated off an Event frame template on sharepoint, so that we do not have to generate a report in Datalink everytime.

      Also, first question on PI Square, so please direct me if I am asking this at a wrong place.


      Thank you.

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          Roger Palmen

          The PI Table webpart does not support that i think. Two other ways i can think of:

          • Create a datasource in sharepoint using PI OLEDB Enterprise and use a regular table webpart to display the data
          • Use the Integrator for BA to push data to a SQLserver table. Only feasible if you already have the integrator license, else a bit overkill for a single table


          Also going forward, it is good to start thinking of relying on the PI WebParts as little as possible. They are not future-proof.

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              Hey Roger,


              Thanks for your reply


              PI Server  -> this is the source of my hunch that it can be done in pi table.

              "PI WebParts does not include specific features related to event frame visualization. However, you can create a data set based on a relational data source that retrieves event frame data via PI OLEDB Enterprise. This event frame data can then be displayed in a PI Table web part, for example, and used to provide context, such as start and end times, to other web parts on the page."


              So I think the question now would be, how do we create the required data set and/or the relational data source. Once the data set is made then configuring pi table to show required column seems straightforward.