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    Batch Unit Name in Excel


      Good Morning,


       I'm using BatchSearch in excel. My question is whether there is any way the BatchUnitName not show the full path (example"% OSI \ Acindar \ Villa Constitucion \ Train SBQ \ General \ BDM")  and only show the unitName, "BDM" following the example.







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          Ahmad Fattahi



          I don't know of anyway BatchView does that in Excel. Having said that, once again I would like to draw your attention to the differences between OSIsoft vCampus and OSIsoft Tech Support so you can get the best and fastest responses.


          OSIsoft vCampus is mainly for programming questions and higher level system architecture discussions. Tech Support is best equipped and trained to handle product usage and set up questions like the one you are asking here. They can even have a remote session with you looking at your set up right on the spot.


          Another side note about this post is that PI Batch and associated products are not part of the vCampus product package; vCampus license does not include PI Batch products.


          Hope it helps