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    How to move PI archive data, simplisticly


      As our PI System grows we see the following message from the NOC beginning to increase. Currently, moving archives is a manual task. I was wondering if anyone has developed code or an app that can be used to go through all of the steps required to move files from one drive to another in a more simplistic manner?


      The OSIsoft NOC has
      detected an issue with XXXXXXXXX at (location) Plant. Following is a summary
      of the issue:

      * System: XXXXXXX Archive disk space is low (Machine: XXXXXXXX-DH1)

      Potential root cause(s) for this alarm include (though not limited to):

      The logical disk e: is running out of space, please move some data to another

      We are happy to assist you in addressing this issue over a remote support
      session.  Please respond to this notification in order to initiate a

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          First, if you feel that your PI Data Archive storage is continually increasing and outpacing the hard disk space you should consider expanding your disk space.

          If the growth is due to back ups then refer to KB01552 - How to limit the number of archives being backup when disk space is low.


          Alternately, if you just need newly created archives on a different location so your current hard disk limit is not reached, then changing auto archive creation is an option.

          If present, this parameter defines the path and file name prefix to be used for new archives. 

          Use PI System Management Tools to configure the AutoArchiveFileRoot parameter to use the external hard drive location.

          The AutoArchiveFileRoot parameter can be accessed from: Operation> Tuning Parameters> Archive> Archive_AutoArchiveFileRoot

          KB00482 - How to move PI archive files to an external location


          If you have already looked into these options and you must have the files moved, then OSIsoft has no standard tool for this but creating that should be relatively easy.

          Example: You can periodically run a batch script which

          - unregisters old archives that are no longer required (piartool -au)

          - move them to a different location to conserve space (robocopy/xcopy)

          - register all the archives that were moved (piartool -ar)


          Is this what you are looking at? Creating a script/app may not be very difficult but it is important that we understand the entire scenario in case there are other better solutions.

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