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How to move PI archive data, simplisticly

Question asked by brianebolton on Jun 7, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 7, 2018 by tramachandran

As our PI System grows we see the following message from the NOC beginning to increase. Currently, moving archives is a manual task. I was wondering if anyone has developed code or an app that can be used to go through all of the steps required to move files from one drive to another in a more simplistic manner?


The OSIsoft NOC has
detected an issue with XXXXXXXXX at (location) Plant. Following is a summary
of the issue:

* System: XXXXXXX Archive disk space is low (Machine: XXXXXXXX-DH1)

Potential root cause(s) for this alarm include (though not limited to):

The logical disk e: is running out of space, please move some data to another

We are happy to assist you in addressing this issue over a remote support
session.  Please respond to this notification in order to initiate a