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Formatting PI Notifications to include new line (line feed).

Question asked by wayez.chowdhury on Jun 8, 2018
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I am having issues including a multi-line String attribute in a PI AF Notifications message. The attribute in question is a concatenation of strings separated by char(10) as described here:Adding a carriage return (new line) to a string attribute. However, when trying to create a custom notification message with this attribute, the formatting removes the char(10) characters and the attribute appears as a horizontal block of text instead of a vertical list.


I am hoping to avoid having to split this multi-line attribute into separate attributes. Is it possible to pass this single attribute into PI AF Notifications while including the new line character in the formatting?


Multi-Line String Attribute on PI AF:




Design and HTML Preview tabs on PI Notifications email formatter (Note how the formatting of the "Item List" attribute changes from PI AF to PI Notifications):





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