"Stepped" trace from custom Data Reference

Discussion created by PeterJ on Mar 19, 2012
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I am trying to display data supplied by a custom data reference  as a "stepped" trace in a processbook trend.


The AFAttribute abstract class has a "Step" property:  The documentation says


"The step attribute defines how the values are to be interpolated. When set to false (False in Visual Basic), the values are treated as a continuous signal, and adjacent values are linearly interpolated. When set to true (True in Visual Basic), the values are treated discretely and adjacent values are not interpolated. "


So, I overloaded and returned "true":


This didn't work - infact, when I attach the debugger to the PRocbook pocess,I find the Step "get" method never gets called.


I am obviously doing something wrong, and probably something very stupid!  but can anyone tell me what ?


Versions: Processbook PI ProcessBook Version
                  AF 2.4