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Multiple future values in a trend

Question asked by BillBPA on Jun 12, 2018

I have future value tags which receive multiple values for a time stamp which results in this type of trend.  I would like to only trend the newest value.

I don't want to create a second tag holding the current value, so what options are there?  If I use an AF analysis without mapping to a pi tag, it will fill the SQL DB with values which isn't desirable.


   Example set of values for one time stamp.

12-Jun-18 08:00:00-14.7
12-Jun-18 08:00:00-17.8
12-Jun-18 08:00:0023.1
12-Jun-18 08:00:00-11.4
12-Jun-18 08:00:0020.7
12-Jun-18 08:00:004.5
12-Jun-18 08:00:0035.3
12-Jun-18 08:00:00-4.4
12-Jun-18 08:00:009.4
12-Jun-18 08:00:0017.9
12-Jun-18 08:00:0029.1
12-Jun-18 08:00:0019.6
12-Jun-18 08:00:0023.7
12-Jun-18 08:00:0042.4
12-Jun-18 08:00:002.8
12-Jun-18 08:00:0037.8
12-Jun-18 08:00:00-5.6
12-Jun-18 08:00:00-1.2