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    PI Integrator for BA Questions


      Hello everyone,


      I have a few questions about the PI Integrator for BA that I was hoping somebody could answer:

      1. I've read that the advanced version of PI Integrator has "streaming" data capability. Does this mean that Power BI (for example) could receive data as it enters the PI archive, similar to PI Vision? Is this only for a group of tags, or does this update each individual tag in the "view" as data enters the archive for that tag?


      2. When a view is configured in the PI Integrator, what is the fastest/maximum poll rate?


      3. Is there a theoretical maximum number of tags that can be configured for data retrieval in the PI Integrator? I would imagine that the intent is not to poll every single tag from the PI archive? Maybe this is why the intention is not to use a Visualization app like Power BI for Real-Time data, like PI Vision?


      4. When polling a group of tags from PI, are interpolated values retrieved? Or does the PI Integrator have the smarts to poll compressed data from multiple tags - I assume this isn't the intended use-case since all data points should come back with the same time stamps...



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          Hi Robert,


          1. Unfortunately, at the moment, the PI Integrator can only stream data to Apache Kafka, Azure Event Hubs, and Azure IoT Hub. You can see this from the Live Library documentation. The data that would be streamed would need to be specified in a streaming view and the data that would be sent is specified in a the message.


          2. Currently, you can schedule views to update ever minute.


          3. Performance-wise, the number of tags you can put in a view depends on the amount of data you are planning to send to your view (depending on the view type). However, you will be limited by the licensed amount of streams that the installed version allows. That is, if you are using a 100,000 stream licensed version, you can at max, have 100,000 tags being polled.


          4. The integrator can be configured to send either interpolated or exact values to a view.