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Performance equation and PI Analysis results are differing

Question asked by R.Shende on Jun 13, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 23, 2018 by luciferwhite



For a given PI Performance equation and the corresponding PI Analysis calculation created, there is a difference observed in the values of the results evaluated for both.


For E.g. : Let's say, if a PE is having the result as - 13-Jun-2018 08:30:00  -  0.02314567, then for the same timestamp the PI Analysis is evaluating to : 13-Jun-2018 08:30:00  -  0.0423487

(Above results are sample figures given to clarify the scenario).


The input tags are functioning fine. However, I am unable to get a direction to analyze this scenario.


Is there any potential difference between the functioning of the PI PE and PI Analysis functions(in general - nothing specific to any function) that I may be missing out to handle ?


Could you please help me understand this and suggest what should be the direction to analyze and fix this ?