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How do I properly refer AF SDK and what namespace do I need to refer?

Question asked by gregor.vilkner on Jun 12, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 13, 2018 by rdavin
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Hi there, could I ask which sdk's you reference and what namespaces you include? I can't get the nor objects to resolve.

I keep having trouble using "pi sdk" resources through the AF sdk - only way this works is the pisdk from 2016 with way different methods. Just reinstalled the lastest of both.


  1. PISystems myPISystems = new PISystems();  - yes through the afsdk with using OSIsoft.AF
  2. PISystem myPISystem = myPISystems.DefaultPISystem;  - yes through the afsdk with using OSIsoft.AF
  3. PIServer myPIServer = PIServer.FindPIServer(myPISystem, piServerName);  - this doesn't work. it offers PI3Server, but that doesn't include a FindPIServer method
  4. PIPoint myPIPoint = PIPoint.FindPIPoint(myPIServer, piPointName); - same here. the only way for me to use PIPoint is using the pisdk, and that doesn't include a FindPIPoint method


What am I missing? this has got to be basic stuff.