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    AF Table Lookup Result to Output PI Tag


      I have an analysis that defines an index value for a table lookup; that value is written to an attribute, but the attribute itself is not a PI tag. That appears to be working.

      From that sequence value, there are 3 table lookups to other attributes; that appears to be working.

      However, the periodic analysis to take the values from the look-up attributes and write them to PI tags does NOT appear to be working.

      The 3 output tags have not changed since the initial execution 4 days ago; the values in the archives are repeating at the comp max interval (every 8 hours).

      Here is the analysis, periodic every 5 minutes.

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          And I mixed my own problem. If I force the sequence number attribute to be a PI tag, then the table lookup gets performed as part of the analysis... hmmm... .learn something new every day.

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            Roger Palmen

            Chiming in late to the conversation...


            I also get into trouble now and then when making longer chains of analysis. E.g. just this monday i ended up in a situation where PSE did evaluate my analysis correctly, that went from AdHoc analysis to a Table lookup into another analysis, but the preview, backfill and regular triggering produced an error. (to be precise: None of the input attributes support the 'RecordedValues' data method.)


            So i always have the following rule of thumb: If you want analysis, table lookups or formulas to work across the board, ensure all input attributes are either a PI Point or a regular (DR None) attribute. Anything else, might get you into trouble, so you should test thoroughly. Although Formula DR is quite safe too, but not 100%

            Also beware that sometimes all works fine in PSE, Pi Vision, etc. but then you run into an issue using an Integrator for BI, OLEDB, or something else. Hency my "extended testing rule''.

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