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Problems with the "embed web page" symbol

Question asked by Tomas Stark Champion on Jun 18, 2018



I know the "embed web page" extension symbol is not a supported feature, but perhaps someone who have used it could be of some help here.


I have embedded two web pages in a PI Vision display and it all works fine in Chrome 67, but in IE 11 I will only get blank pages.


Please see the screen dumps below, including the console messages (though they are in Swedish in IE 11, but the HTML error codes should provide some help).


The embedded displays are on the same PI Vision server, and the display URL's have been extended with ...?mode=kiosk&hidetoolbar&hidetimebar.


Chrome 67:

180618 Skärmklipp 1a.jpg

180618 Skärmklipp 1b.jpg


IE 11:

180618 Skärmklipp 2.jpg