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    Using PI to keep track of batch efficiency


      Recently on site we have started collecting efficiency data on the distillation columns, but they are pushing to start collecting data on the batches as well. Unfortunately, the person on site who knew the most about PI left and I don't know where to start and how to go about this. We have PI batch, but we don't use PI asset framework much. I was wondering what program would be the easiest to keep track of batches, while being able to collect data on where we are losing time when it isn't running like our golden batch. Any sort of starting point would be much appreciated.

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          Hello Brittany,


          PI BatchView is the main client for viewing and comparing Batch Data. BatchView can be used as a plug-in for both PI ProcessBook and Microsoft Excel. To learn more about this product, I would recommend this series of videos on the OSIsoft YouTube channel. 


          Alternately, if you are looking to make more use of Event Frames in AF for batch data, I would consider PI Vision's Event Frame display tools, as demonstrated in this video

          (note: the video demonstrates PI Vision, branded formerly as PI Coresight).

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