Online Training: Configuring Analytics with PI AF June 2018 - Introduce Yourself

Discussion created by mshimko Employee on Jun 24, 2018
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Hello everyone!


Welcome to the Configuring Analytics with PI AF online course! In this course, you'll become familiar with configuring and deploying advanced calculations on process data in bulk. You'll learn how to create analyses to produce intermediate and final results, create aggregate calculations using Rollups, identify interesting events in your data using PI Event Frames and configure PI Notifications to let relevant users know about these events immediately.


My name is Michael Shimko and I will be your facilitator as you progress through this course. I majored in Chemical Engineering at Carnegie Mellon University and then moved to Philadelphia to begin working at OSIsoft as a Customer Support Engineer. If you run into any questions during your exercises, please feel free to email me at


I'd also like to encourage you to ask questions on PI Square so that others taking the course are able to see and get answers for questions they may not have thought about.


Happy learning!