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OPC Interface values not updating

Question asked by rita_tavares on Jun 22, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 29, 2018 by rita_tavares


My PI OPC Interface is correctly connected with an OPC Server, on another windows domain, from some years now.



Last week we installed a Firewall between the OPC Interface and the OPC Server.


As I’ve been told, all communication ports are open between the two OPC computers (Server and PI Client).


The fact is, after some hours working correctly, some tags stop updating.

But, if I check with PIOPCTool, or other similar, I can see those tags changing in OPC Server.



If I restart the PI Interface, all tags start working fine. Until they stop again.


There is no PI logs with errors. There is no Event log errors. There is no Skipped Scans.


Does anyone knows what might be causing this behavior?