How to built a custom webpart joined with PI Notifications

Discussion created by fj.villasmil on Mar 26, 2012
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Hi Everybody,


I need to develop a programming web page using  sharepoint 2007  with the following  features:  when the end-user receives a PI notification email and the user aknowledges the notification clicking the link embbeded in PI notification email, later must open a programming web page in sharepoint where the user must re-fill information belonging to notification(event) and load the information typed by the user in  PI-annotations coming from the PI notification.


When the same notification is sent another user(scaled by time) and it is aknowledge clicking the link embbeded in PI notification email, then; should the same web page open with the information typed for the first user disabled(information saved in PI annotations) and open another frame for re-fill the information that is necessary to typing by the new user  for the event(pi-notification) in pi annotations.


My question is, What´re steps to follow for developing a programming custom web joining pi notification and pi annotations?. The web page must connect to pi server active where coming from the pi notification and save the end-user comments to pi annotations for the event(when the trigger the notifications is activited).


There is any example or develop implemented with the same features that can be use by me?.


Thank for your help