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    SQL Commander View grayed out


      I was doing some cleanup on an AF Template that was tied to a SQL View in SQL Commander. I thought I'd removed the references from an AF Attribute in my query, but apparently I'd missed one. So, I go to run my report today that reference that view and it will error. When I look in SQL Commander, the views I'm referencing are grayed out and the only option is to drop the view. I cannot edit, i cannot change, i cannot even view my old query. This is a very large and complex query that I need back. I tried to re-add what was missing but it did not change the outcome. Is there a way to recover that old text?


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          Ok, I found the answer to this. In SQL Commander 2017, the right click menu changed. The only option when right clicking on an invalid view in SQL Commander 2017 is Drop. If you install SQL Commander 2016 R2, there is still an alter option. I was able to install 2016 R2 and alter the view to run in and find what I'd altered that was causing the the query to fail. From there, fixed in AF and the view now returns everywhere as a valid view.