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Is there a way to retrieve events in Bulk

Question asked by Noga on Jun 27, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 2, 2018 by Noga

I am interested in using PIDataPipe class in order to retrieve points values updates events from pi server.

I've been examining the follwoing example for using a PIDataPipe.


How to use the PIDataPipe or the AFDataPipe


As described in this code snapped example, the OnNext(AFDataPipeEvent value) function returns a single event on each call:


  1.         /// <summary> 
  2.         /// Provides the observer with new data. 
  3.         /// </summary> 
  4.         /// <param name="value"></param> 
  5.         public void OnNext(AFDataPipeEvent value) 
  6.         { 
  7.             Console.WriteLine("PIDataPipe event - {4} - Tag Name: {0}, Action Type: {1}, Value {2}, TimeStamp: {3}", value.Value.PIPoint.Name, value.Action.ToString(), value.Value.Value, value.Value.Timestamp.ToString(), _dataPipeType); 
  8.         } 


I am interested to know-

Is there a more efficient way to retrieve events as bulk (group of events at each call), instead of single event?


I am interested on making the process more efficient.