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AFDataPipe - AFAttributeChanged not firing when a child element has been deleted

Question asked by Arco on Jun 27, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 2, 2018 by Arco

Hi all,


I found this peculiar behaviour when removing a child element from an element that an attribute on this element does not fire events anymore.


Lets clarify it with a picture. What I want to do is get notified in my C# program whenever a child element has been added or removed.

So I thought lets add an attribute to the parent element. After I add or remove a child element I will toggle the HasChanged boolean attribute on the parent element.

My code will react on this and reload the situation. I am using the AFDataPipe and the IObserver pattern for this.



When I add a child element and change the value of the HasChanged attribute everything is fine. An event is fired as expected.

But when I remove a child element and change the value of the HasChanged attribute, nothing happens. The "connection" between the attribute and the code seems completely lost.


Maybe this problem has been solved already in newer versions. Could somebody please confirm? Version info below:





Arco Stolk