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Asset Performance Management Building Blocks

Question asked by eradwan on Jun 28, 2018

Hi There,


In my company we have a legacy CBM app based on RDBMS ISA-95 that uses OPC to get PI data, and I'm currently working on a POC around AF as an alternative under the umbrella on introducing Digital Transformation, APM and Analytics. However, the vendor is offering his new version that claims to be compatible with all the buzz words of nowadays - all vendors do the same - but in reality they're still using their old design. While thinking of a set of solid criteria for selection on third party products that may or may not depend on AF I can list components like the following:

  • How easy its to configure equipment from different data sources.
  • Does the solution have an EF like technology.
  • Does it provide a way for power users to create their own displays or only the vendor can do with extra cost.

As you see, my criteria is based and biased on AF features, I'll appreciate it if someone can help with other factors and details from a complete APM view in a oil & gas plant. The point is, OSISoft is a platform but not a specific solution and doesn't have - built in - implementation to things like predictive analytics, so I believe the best product must include AF but I need help listing features of a successful APM solution including of AF to be able to compare different offerings.