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Looking for suggestions for a public facing energy dashboard connected to data archived in PI

Question asked by TimothyVann on Jun 29, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 2, 2018 by Roger Palmen



All of our meter usage data for our organization is collected in PI.


We are getting to the point where we want to create public facing dashboards that illustrating our energy usage details in various formats.

Some dashboards would be physical kiosks in building lobbies, but we would also like the public to be able to access the dashboards over the internet or at least our intranet.

We would like to show how much of each energy type each building is using currently and historically, how much energy per area and have the ability to compare buildings with one another and over time ranges.

The dashboard should have at least some user interaction: selecting buildings, selecting time periods, etc.

Ideally all the software and data would remain in our intranet, but we would consider SAS in the cloud if necessary.


Do people have experience or recommendations on which software or services work best with PI for this application?


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