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    Support of VM Site Recovery Manager


      Hi all,


      for the migration of our PI System we think about using VM SRM (Site Recovery Manager) for PI Dataarchive and PI AF. I found a witepaper for virtualization, but it's old and SRM is not mentioned. Is SRM allowed for the PI System. Is anybody here with experience using SRM for Dataarchive / AF?


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          Hi Franz,


          We don't have many reports on customers using VM SRM in our Tech Support database. From what I'm reading online, SRM is a replication at the Virtual Machine level. Consequently, I don't foresee any issues with the PI System, the exception being a possible license mismatch if the VM is migrated to a new host.  If you do run into this issue, you can simply generate a new .msf file and download and new license or contact Tech Support.


          Maybe we have some customers that can confirm this?





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              Hi Sebastien


              As you have rightly pointed out license mismatch is one issue i could notice when hardware configuration is changed. We used SRM for other PI servers and configured core PI in HA mode where Primary is in primary data center and secondary is in Secondary Data center.  I would suggest HA is configured in different data centers have SRM solution for other PI components like PI  AF, vision and cluster for SQL. SRM - storage replication can be used to replicate data disks in case of any failure.

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              Hi Franz,


              I believe a perhaps helpful KB is the following: KB00659 - Supporting 3rd Party VSS Backups of the PI Server

              In my understanding, VM SRM is similar to taking a snapshot of your VM. For PI DA server, it may be disruptive to the client application.

              It is also difficult to get support from us when there is an issue with VM snapshot as it is out of our expertise. It could be used but this scenario relies heavily on the customer's own experience on the technology and is not a tested one internally.