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    Pi Manual Logger Web 2017 issue with digital states


      I have a new installation of PiML which works fine in every way from the client.

      There is also a web interface which works fine for analogue tags, however for digital tags clicking on the dropdown does not show any states. If I change to 'Grid data entry view' clicking the dropdown just shows 'No data'.

      If I click on 'Show attributes', the Point Type and Digital Set are shown correctly.

      If I add in some 'Tour System States', these are shown under the dropdown, but these are not the actual tags data digital states.

      If I run the SQL stored procedure it does return the appropriate digital states, so the data is definitely in SQL.

      Any thoughts about what I am doing wrong, I have a feeling it is something really stupid.

      Thanks in advance.

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          Hi Andrew,

          This looks like a permissions issue. I recommend going through the following KB article to make sure the security for Manual Logger Web is set up correctly:


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              Hi all,

              I've just completed a PIML 2017 Web installation/upgrade and have exactly the same issue.

              Have applied the security setup for option 1 of KB01263 (though I'm using IIS anonymous authentication and using an IIS Application Pool identity to map to a Domain account which has explicit permission on the Database. So far, it all sort of works in our initial test) and have also applied the advice of KB01711. However, I did find that the '‘PimlAppPool_Aspnet.config’  file already existed and was correct, so all I had to do was add the [ managedRuntimeLoader="" ] attribute to the applicationHost.config file.

              I can see the digital state values in the PIML Client so they are in the database and correctly updated from the PI Archive.I can see tours and create new runs and the data values are correctly uploaded to the database and PI Archive.





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