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Pi Manual Logger Web 2017 issue with digital states

Question asked by AndrewNewton on Jul 3, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 29, 2018 by AndrewNewton

I have a new installation of PiML which works fine in every way from the client.

There is also a web interface which works fine for analogue tags, however for digital tags clicking on the dropdown does not show any states. If I change to 'Grid data entry view' clicking the dropdown just shows 'No data'.

If I click on 'Show attributes', the Point Type and Digital Set are shown correctly.

If I add in some 'Tour System States', these are shown under the dropdown, but these are not the actual tags data digital states.

If I run the SQL stored procedure it does return the appropriate digital states, so the data is definitely in SQL.

Any thoughts about what I am doing wrong, I have a feeling it is something really stupid.

Thanks in advance.